Riesling is the perfect partner for spicy food
April 26, 2014
Every grape has its moment and, mainly thanks to the surge in popularity of Asian cuisine, this time has come for riesling.Germany 's trophy grape comes in a variety of styles, and this noble white with its crisp, natural acidity, no oak influence and a lower - than - average alcohol level is light and elegant, but with the power to partner spicy curries, stir - fries and sushi and sashimi.
The beguiling flavours of apples,peaches and pear come in varying degrees of sweetness— from bone dry to richly sweet— and the distinctive slim bottle that 's sometimes too tall to fit in the door of the fridge(a minor irritant) has also found favour in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand where it 's grown in small quantities.
Just across the border from Germany, the picturesque Alsace region in north - east France also produces excellent riesling and the famous wine route (which celebrated its 60 th anniversary last year) stretches along vine - covered hills on the west bank of the river Rhine.
The sunny, warm and dry climate provides ideal conditions for winemaking and dry, spicy styles such as Cave de Beblenheim Grafeneben Riesling 2010, Alsace, France(RRP£ 9.99, 12 % abv) which is a lovely example. With typical aromas of spring flowers and a streak of minerality running through the lemony flavours, this would also pair well with firm white fish for non - spice lovers.
A sweeter counterpart and an off - dry style from one of the region 's most famous winemakers, Rolly Gassmann, Riesling 2009, Rolly Gassman, Alsace, France(£55 case ofsix, 13.5 % abv, rdfinewine.com) is rich and lush but has enough acidity to stop it being over - the - top.With succulent pear flavours and a hint of pepper, it has a gewurztraminer lychee nose, but without the oily mouthfeel and tastes utterly delicious. Lucky for some, Germany has 13 wine regions and the second largest, Pfalz is marked by powerful, dry styles such as Darting Estate Durkheimer Riesling 2013, Germany (£9.49, 12.5 % abv, Marks & Spencer).Fresh and lively with peach, apple and melon punctuated by a bracing note of minerality that gives way to orange groves, it 's exotic and appealing.
Another racy riesling echoing typical Pfalz ripeness and strength, try Reichsrat von Buhl Riesling Nr 1 2013, Germany (£10.99, 12.5 % abv, laithwaites.co.uk).Pure and zingy with notes of lemon, lime and peach counterbalanced by good acidity, this would be especially delicious with a lightly spiced prawn stir - fry.
Elsewhere, the ancient soils of Elgin in South Africa produce a tiny amount of riesling that's richly fruited and elegant, especially in the hands of producers such as Paul Cluver Estate.Try Paul Cluver Ferricrete Riesling 2013, Elgin, South Africa(£12.99, 10.5 % abv, Marks & Spencer) which is off - dry and has an appealing floral nose with honeysuckle notes, white peach and yellow apple flavours and a touch of zesty lime that keeps it fresh. For newcomers to riesling who prefer to venture Down Under for their vino, Wakefield in the Clare Valley have found a formula for success with their medal - winning Wakefield Estate Riesling 2012, Australia (£11.99, 12.5 % abv, Marks & Spencer) which is dry, crisp and brimming with orchard fruits and lingering aromatics on the finish.
Uber citrusy, pungent and very lively, it may come as little surprise that Belmonte Riesling 2010, New Zealand(£11.99, 12 % abv, virginwines.co.uk) is from the Marlborough region, home to top - notch New World sauvignon blanc.With similar zippy appeal, it 's fruity and pure with honeysuckle aromas and an energetic finish that 's more than a match with fusion food.

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